ResAlt® Brand name product lines.

Plastics have a much broader life cycle than most people realize. The average plastic resin can be manufactured and then reused as many as 7 times before its properties begin to become unpredictable and difficult to perform as expected. Bottom line- we can recycle much more than we do. Gosh, did that sound like it was simple?? Absolutely not, it does take some creativity, and lots of hard work, but so do all good things that are worth investing in. 

At SSD Designs, it has become our goal to use our education and experience in plastics, to make "like new" performance based resins while using as much recycled content as possible during the compounding process, and through that concept our brand ResAlt® was born.

We are committed to always learning and even if you love our product, we still want to look for ways to make it better! "Enough", is not a word that belongs to our brand or our team.

The only way a resin product becomes branded under the ResAlt® product line is thru our rigorous quality process. Rather than having all high tech, automated equipment we take a much more hands on approach with simple ideas. Examples of our hands on approach include, using small blenders that only mix one gaylord at a time, this insures that unique lots have full traceability. We bucket out the formula components by hand rather than using machines so we can review very small sections with human eyes. We hand sort out and grade all raw materials before they are processed to be confident we have removed all possible variables. These are just a few examples of the diligence we invest in our process while making our compounds.

But we don't stop there, when we have completed our process to make a ResAlt® branded product we check our work again by testing each box in the top, middle and bottom for its desired specifications to create consistency so none of the ResAlt® resin lines have swings in how the product behaves. If the expected product passes the lab results, we go two steps further by asking our shipping team to probe and photograph each box for another check of quality. Any time a new resin is created under the ResAlt® brand, we have a training course for all departments so that all of our employees are cross trained so they know exactly what to look for before a product ships.

Transparency is very important to SSD and in a final push to insure quality shipment of the ResAlt® resin brand, we photograph each box with the individual lot numbers by box with the resin in the package and provide packing slips, for your team to cross compare the individual lot numbers by box with those photographs and the remaining paperwork.

Our commitment to our brand and our customers is paramount, and we will always make ourselves available for technical support and help whenever we are needed.

ResAlt® is not a widespec product, it is not a reprocessed product, it is not a prime product, it is a unique branded product line all its own, which is why we are proud to be a part of making theResAlt® brand everyday. 

We believe you must provide loyalty in order to receive it and for those who have tried the ResAlt® brand we are grateful to have you as consistent long term customer. We will continue to strive to better our commitment to our environmental and scientific causes.

Thank you!