We LOVE science. Mixing different materials together to make something new is like a scientist's best playground! We can't help but get excited by the challenge to make an awesome new compound with plastics.  It's normal for our technical experts to ask you first what your application is, and next what resins you have been using to make it. That may seem backwards for most companies, but we don't just want you to buy our products, we want them to work well for your company and improve your applications. We custom compound resins to meet your application and performance needs. 

Plastics are still in their infantile stage for what we understand about their capabilities, why limit ourselves to what we know today, when we can expand that idea to something new for tomorrow?? Contact us, so we can "Frankenstein" something made just for your company's needs. Don't forget to check out our products page, to see if we are already making your perfect fit!  

Limits are the boundaries we define for ourselves. Be boundless.