A World Without Prejudice Over Plastics

How did this story of plastics being evil ever get out to the public?

Everything plastics are made from come from this planet, we did not import if from an alien location, (unless the government isn’t telling us something)?! Just because we don’t fully understand it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad. I believe modern day society calls that “prejudice”. 

Without plastics the pace maker wouldn’t exist, no one complains about that product not being recyclable.

Since when did drinking out of a plastic straw cause the planet to be overflowing with landfills? Straws are actually very recyclable, IF we taught our municipalities and recyclers to collect more of them.

In fact, straws are even more recyclable than plastic bottles. This is because they are made out of the same polymer without any other polymers making them very easy to reuse into a new product. So why are we banning them?

Education is what is needed for our next generation.

In today’s technology based world, it’s important we don’t forget where we come from. Let’s use these bright new minds to help us solve these challenging issues by helping them see these products not as problems, but as solutions that need a full history in order to appreciate them and support them in a way that makes them sustainable. 

Like all things we don’t understand in this world, our responsibility is to be brave and overcome our fears with understanding. Run toward your fears, not away from them. Challenge yourself to abolish you're prejudices so that you can achieve understanding and affect true change.



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